4 Reasons To Charter a Yacht in Croatia

Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast has become world famous for its sparkling blue waters and its charming old towns that dot the rocky coastline of the Adriatic Sea. Last Saturday, the Swiss Family Domecks completed our 7-day chartered journey around the Dalmatian Islands, a vacation that we will always remember. If you are already dreaming of your next summer adventure, take a look at four reasons why you may want to consider chartering your own yacht in Croatia!


1. Escape the crowds
The Croatian tourism business is booming, and August is the busiest and most crowded time of year. If you visit Croatia in the summer, most likely you will be itching to get away from the hordes of people who overrun the country’s most popular destinations, like Plitvice Lakes National Park and the Old City of Dubrovnik.

So, what better way to do that than by escaping on a sailboat, catamaran or luxury yacht with just you, your loved ones, and those blue, blue waters?

2. Have a home away from home
Justin likes to say that living on a sailboat is like camping on the water. You have everything you need with you, and you can move about as you please. Actually, your yacht could be even more luxurious than your brick-and-mortar home! Yet whether cruising on a modest sailboat or behemoth catamaran, everyone can enjoy incredible views from their floating living space.

You can find a seaworthy vessel that meets your needs and your budget by searching the yachts available at CharterCroatia.net. I worked with Marija from CharterCroatia to select the right sailboat for our trip; she was always available to answer our questions, even as we arrived at the Trogir Marina. I can recommend this third party company, as their customer service was truly great. If only I could say that about the marina staff…

3. Visit the best locations
With thousands of miles of coast, Croatia has ample amount of salty shores to explore. I recommend hiring a skipper when you charter a yacht (even if you are a seasoned sailor), because your skipper knows what’s up. Our skipper Luka knew which bays made the best for swimming, which island towns were least crowded, and which restaurants served the best food. His local knowledge allowed us to dive into dreamy coves and dock at remote villages. I feel like we got the inside scoop on the best of the Dalmatian Coast.

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4. Enjoy Croatia’s coastline to the fullest
The Dalmatian Coast is one dramatic landscape after another – where jagged rock rises high above the blue to form the rugged, mountainous islands and the sun shines through the crystal clear waters. As you slowly cruise from swimming hole to safe harbor, you get a front row seat to the pristine beauty of natural Croatia. And while your chartered yacht slices through the Adriatic Sea, you conclude, as I did, that sailing in Croatia is a marvelous way to experience the country’s coastal treasures. Plus, it makes for a great summer vacation.

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Ahoy there! How do you feel about living on a charter boat for a week? Would you ever want to do this for vacation? Have you ever explored Croatia’s coast? If so, what are your favorite historic towns and swimming spots?

A special thanks to Marija from CharterCroatia.net, who offered us a small discount on our booking in exchange for this publication. As it stands, all opinions are my own.

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