The People of Peru

Peruvian Man

A three-week journey throughout Peru with my husband and another married couple last year was an incredible and unparalleled adventure. Our travels in this multicultural country awarded us exceptional glimpses into the lives of the marvelous people of Peru. Lima: The Capital City The Region of Cusco: The Inca Trail + Machu Picchu The Region of Cusco: Merchants + Markets The Region of Puno:…

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Into the Souks of Marrakech

Moroccan Man and Cart

Just behind the Djemaa el Fna of Marrakech loom the souks, a twisted maze of a marketplace where merchants sell “typical Moroccan goods”: brightly colored slippers, lavish carpets, polished wooden pieces, tea sets, ceramics, jewelry, olives and mint leaves, spices, smelling salts, and salves. Hassling and haggling are a way of life in this mercantile manor, and the average…

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