The Best Thing About Flying When Pregnant

If you’re travel style is anything like mine, you often try to avoid paying for checked luggage when flying by cramming all your belongings into your “personal item” and/or a carry-on bag. But when you arrive at your gate and see that 97.7% of the passengers on your flight are doing the same thing, you get a little anxious. All the scenarios run through your head as you wait for your boarding call: Am I going to board early enough to find overhead storage space for my carry-on? Are they going to make me check it at the gate? Are they going to call Group 1 or Group 4 to board the plane first? How big is this aircraft, anyway?

“Nope. Not me,” you say? You mean, those pre-boarding lines don’t raise your blood pressure a tiny bit? Okay, that’s cool. I wish I could say the same…

Last month, I traveled back to the USA for various events across three different states. I took 8 flights in less than two weeks, which presented way too many opportunities for potential pre-boarding stress. After all – on occasion – I become slightly worried that my personal belongings might not find a place on the plane with me. (What can I say? Whether in my home or on a plane, I like for everything to be in its proper place. Does that count as OCD?)

But on this particular whirlwind journey, I was delighted to get around my emotional dilemma by using my “Prego Perks Card.” (ICYMI: I’m expecting!)

Okay, okay… I didn’t actually have a physical card to identify myself as one with child, which in a way, makes this perk to pregnancy so much better. Instead, I boldly took a chance to capitalize on my newfound womanly circumstances, and I unashamedly reaped the rewards.

No matter which airline I was flying, I approached the attendants at the gate before each flight, told them that I was pregnant, and simply asked if I could board early. Everyone granted my request, though some with friendlier attitudes than others. Considering how I was wearing a thick shift dress that hid my little baby bump, I was surprised that no one ever questioned me or looked twice. And just like that, I was one of the first passengers to step onto the plane and stow my hefty bags without a single worry. It felt great!

Of course, this practice will only serve me for a few more months, and it’s a perk for women travelers only. But men and mommas can still board early once the result of pregnancy has arrived – the baby itself! Although, I have a feeling we will have a few other scenarios to fret about when that time comes…

Hey y’all! Do you also get worried about finding space for your carry-on bags? Or do you think I’m crazy for that? Have you or a companion ever used the “Prego Perks Card” while traveling? If so, got any more tips for me?

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  1. So clever, Hailey!
    I really enjoyed this posting…and I particularly enjoy the subject of the subject…you and your baby!

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