An Open Letter To My Newborn Daughter

Dear Daughter,

Welcome to the world, Little One! Just a few weeks ago, you were placed in my arms for the first time, and since then, my world has changed. And that got me thinking about your world – the world you are going to grow up in. A world that is simultaneously full of unbelievable marvels and astounding horrors. A world that is going to frame your life, the backdrop of all your stories. So, before too much time passes and the world makes its mark, I want to share some of my hopes for you.

Sweet Pea, one of the things I wish for you the most is this: as you grow and encounter the world, you will see things clearly. My sincerest hope is that you will come to know yourself truly, have compassion for those around you, and understand that all of us are the same. People are just people. No matter where they are from, what language they speak, how much or how little they have, or what they eat for breakfast. All of us are human. We are all dignified creations, and at the same time, we are all broken creatures. While hate is a dividing force, love has the power to bind us together and heal all wounds.

My Darling Girl, I want you to know that this world is truly incredible. From manmade superstructures like the temples of Angkor Wat to the majestic natural beauty of the Swiss Alps, there is much to marvel at on this planet we call home. From the streets of Taipei to the canals of Copenhagen, I hope that you will taste the multitude of flavors that enrich our humanity. I hope that you travel the world, sparked by a fire of curiosity and boldness. I hope that you will share in my thirst for exploration and discovery and that you will be unafraid to step out into the unknown.

Oh, Little One, I hope that you will be bold and courageous, that you will be kind and full of joy, and that you will be willing to set aside your differences in order to bring peace to all you come to know. It is true that the world is not all sunshine and rainbows and that evil does reside within our midst. Tragedies are a part of life. Cancer takes loved ones; terrorism strikes unexpectedly; relationships break and may never be repaired on this side of heaven. But if you see things clearly, you can have hope.

And in your hope, I pray that you have faith. Faith that there is more to this world than meets the eye.

After all, I just want you to see the world clearly.

Yours Truly

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