The Best Fondue Restaurants in Zurich

When cold winds begin to push out the last remnants of autumn glory and the Zurich sky dons its grey cloak of winter, I take solace in one silver lining: fondue season has arrived! Here’s a list of the top restaurants in Zurich to enjoy fondue.

Fondue in Old Town: Le Dezaley
You can find several restaurants in Zurich’s Old Town that serve fondue. The best is Le Dezaley, located next to the Grossmünster.
Address: Römergasse 7, 8001 Zürich

Fondue for the Season: Frau Gerolds Garten
In the trendy ZuriWest neighborhood, you can settle into a cozy pavilion for a night of fondue at the Frau Gerolds Garten.
Address: Geroldstrasse 23, 8005 Zürich

fondue-zurichFondue with the Locals: Fribourger Fondue Stübli and Raclette Stube
If you want the mom-and-pop family-run restaurant, take a seat in one of these two Zurich mainstays. You’ll walk out feeling like a local.
Address (FFS): Rotwandstrasse 38, 8004 Zürich
Address (RS): Zähringerstrsse 16, 8001 Zürich

Fondue in a Renovated Barn: Chäsalp
We are patiently waiting for the newly renovated Chäsalp to reopen its doors after closing for the 2015-2016 winter season. The restaurant sits up in the wooded hills of Zurich. The rural setting is a classic Swiss scene, perfect for a fondue dinner.
Address: Tobelhofstrasse 236, 8044 Zürich

Fondue from Above: Restaurant Felsenegg
Get high on the views of Zurich from Restaurant Felsenegg. You can either work up an appetite by following the Planet Trail from the Uetliberg station (an 1.5 hour walk) or ride the Felsenegg cable car up the mountain from Adliswil.
Address: Felsenegg 1, Zurich, 8143

Fondue on the Go: The Fondue Tram
For a memorable meal, snag a seat on the Fondue Tram for a two-hour journey around Zurich – available only from November to February. Although you pay the price for a moving dining car, it would surely be a night to remember!
Address: Hop on at the Bellevue Tram Stop

Fondue on the Water: The Expovina Zurich Wine Exhibition (aka The Wine Boats)
For two weeks in November, a dozen ferry boats line up at Bürkliplatz to showcase thousands of wines to thousands of people. Of the three onboard restaurants at the exhibition, one is entirely devoted to fondue and raclette. You can check out my tips and insights into making the most of Zurich’s best wine festival in this post.
Address: Bürkliplatz, where Bahnhofstrasse meets Lake Zurich


Hoi zäme! Are you hungry yet? Have you ever had Swiss fondue? If not, read up on my next post,  Swiss Fondue 101, to learn about this cheesy dish. Zurich peeps, where do you get your fondue fix in town? What’s your favorite cheese blend?

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