4 Reasons To Charter a Yacht in Croatia

4 Reasons to Sail in Croatia

Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast has become world famous for its sparkling blue waters and its charming old towns that dot the rocky coastline of the Adriatic Sea. Last Saturday, the Swiss Family Domecks completed our 7-day chartered journey around the Dalmatian Islands, a vacation that we will always remember. If you are already dreaming of your next summer adventure, take…

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Is Plitvice Lakes Worth Visiting?

Guide to Plitvice Lakes

While Croatia’s sparkling coastline bustles with activity over summertime travel, another destination in the country’s interior attracts tourists by the thousands. Plitvice Lakes National Park – or Plitvička Jezera in Croatian – has experienced a shocking rise of visitors in recent years as images of romantic waterfalls and turquoise waters have spilled across the globe. As I…

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11 Things You Didn’t Know About Zurich


When I give walking tours around Zurich with Free Walk Switzerland, I often begin my tours with a question: What images, products, historical events, or stereotypes come to mind when you think about Switzerland? The typical replies usually include some combination of banks, chocolate, cheese, and timeliness. Sometimes Roger Federer gets thrown in there, too. With…

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More than a Grocer: The Story of Migros

Dutti-Birefmarke-2013 klein

When you go grocery shopping, do you prefer one supermarket over another? Every time I move to a new city, I eventually find a favorite place to shop for my weekly essentials, and moving to Zurich was no exception. In Switzerland, two mega-companies vie for the support and loyalty of every Swiss household. They are Coop and Migros. Established as the Union Suisse…

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Paris by Numbers

Paris Love Lock

When it comes to great cities on the global stage, Paris has enjoyed fame and fortune for centuries, an opera diva in the center of an international cast. Paris’ audience members travel far and wide to witness her performance, to explore her majestic monuments, examine her artist collections, or capture her joie de vivre. I am one of those curious…

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Crash Course in Winter Sports: Part I

Skiing in Switzerland

Switzerland is covered in snow, and the streets of Zürich – and my apartment – are buzzing with excitement over mountainside activities. “Winter is finally here!” shouts the Floridian gal from the window. “Hooray! It’s snowing!” Spurred by my ridiculous enthusiasm over the freezing chill, Justin and I are eagerly following the lead of local…

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Drifting Thoughts on Winter

Swiss Winter

Snow falls softly on the quiet hillside, the flakes small and light – but numerous and relentless. A sparkling blanket of white spreads out slowly over yesterday’s footprints, filling in the lumpy gaps to restore the seamless covering over the frozen earth. The trees stand tall through the dusting of power, their branches stretching out to catch…

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Eating Through 2015

Hailey dining

As I look back on my 2015, I’m struck by the diverse range of experiences I had in the world of food. And because I love lists and record-keeping, I’m sharing my most memorable food experiences of 2015. I’d love for you to share some of your top eats, too! EATING IN ASIA DRINKING FROM COCONUTS IN…

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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Switzerland

6 Things You Didn't Know About Switzerland

Switzerland is a fascinating paradox. It’s profoundly conservative in some facets of life, perspective and governance, but absolutely liberal in others. I have learned quite a bit about this European singularity since moving to Zurich almost six months ago. So, in honor of this next milestone, I’m sharing six interesting facts about Switzerland that you probably didn’t know….

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